Tàu sân bay Tôi Yêu Việt Nam lên báo nước ngoài : This huge Lego aircraft carrier is really a computer

Source: http://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/tech-news-huge-lego-aircraft-carrier-really-computer http://gamen.vn/cong-nghe/tu-hao-voi-bo-pc-mo-hinh-tau-san-bay-cuc-doc-vi-bien-dao-que-huong-vn_tin58242.html Don’t let appearances full you. This is really a computer. (Image Source: Genk) Well, look what we found on the Internet today! A Vietnamese news website just published pictures of someone installing their PC hardware in a chassis made of Lego blocks. And mind you, this isn’t just any old heap Lego blocks, ..