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Kỷ niệm Event Intel Enthusiast 2015 – Độ case Tàu Sân bay PC : Tôi yêu Việt Nam

by dtien87on November 14, 2015
Ko còn chỗ ngồi khi chuẩn bị công bố máy tính ấn tượng nhất Việt Nam!  

Tàu sân bay Tôi Yêu Việt Nam lên báo nước ngoài : This huge Lego aircraft carrier is really a computer

by dtien87on November 12, 2015
Source: Don’t let appearances full you. This is really a computer. (Image Source: Genk) Well, look what we found on the Internet today! A Vietnamese news website just published pictures of someone installing their PC hardware in a chassis made of Lego blocks. And mind you, this isn’t just any old heap Lego blocks, [...